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The Golden Girls Home Sale

Contributing writer Thomas Schoenbeck

"Who can forget the shenanigans..."

Mid Century Modern is still in vogue. The sit-com iconic residence of The Golden Girls recently sold for $4M, a million over the sticker price. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia Petrillo would be happy to know there is still such interest in their "Florida home." While it was exterior of the home shown during the sitcoms episodes, the interior of the home was actually a 3000 square foot Brentwood CA home. While the home was only used in the opening season, Disney Studios in South Florida built an exact replica for the remaining seasons.

Who can forget the shenanigans the ladies went through and the wonderful lanai in the yard where all those intimate conversations took place. After about 140 showings, and 20 offers in two weeks, the home found a new owner at a hefty price. I'm sure the Brentwood home and neighborhood hasn't been the same.

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