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Take the On-Ramp to Success!

Contributing writer: Thomas Schoenbeck

"Don't fear something new, embrace it."

Given the global pandemic in our midst, successful entrepreneurs will seek ways to stay afloat and energize their approach to be ready to hit the ground running when we start to normalize. Having been through a localized slowdown in the mid 2000's, this market shift is not new to most active Realtors.

If you are old enough to remember the 1950's your world has changed dramatically in the past many decades. What you can do with a hand held mobile device today, was inconceivable when the first modern era computers were developed. From the time Grace Hopper developed the first compuer language in the 50's which ultimately evolved into COBAL, to today's iPhone and others, it should be apparent we are a highly tech driven society with no turning back in site. Practially every bit of data on the global open market is immediately available to you in the palm of your hand.

From shopping, to dining and airline reservations, auto purchasing, dating, research, and home buying, can all be done on the fly, and with instant results. As a professional Realtor, the use of all tech tools at your disposal is an invaluable way to reach the pinnacle of success and to gain a personal market share you never thought possible. From having your e.mail on your mobile device, mobile apps such as the MLS, market analysis apps like Remine and RPR, instant texting, messaging, social media connecting, Zoom conferencing, and others, you can and should be able to maintain consistent contact with your clients.

Naturally, the availability of these tools only work if you pick them up and use them to the maximum extent you can. Don't fear something new, embrace it, use them in your everyday life. Excel at what you are an expert in, learn where you can in order to fill your toolbox, and help others to learn new techniques and skills in their practise. Be prepared when we excel back up the bell curve. If you fall behind now, catching up will be difficult and frustrating. Be diverse in your business activities. If your focus as a restaurant operator is dine in, learn how to conduct delivery and carry-out service. If you run a gas station, how can you start safe fuel delivery? If you've been a residential Realtor, learn about commercial real estate in your market. If you're a tech genius but have been using other's apps- develop your own. Never stop, never fold, never give in!

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